Our Fumoir is open from 11.30 a.m. to 1 a.m.


LThe Rooftop of the AlpenGold Hotel Davos is the creation of internationally acclaimed restaurant designer Henry Chebaane, who conceived the brand identity, scenography and interior design for the 21st century. The walls are clad in crystal fragments, white marble and silver stone, reflecting an endless sparkle in all directions. Henry Chebaane’s whimsical sense of humour is reflected in many details, the black cigar room with red lasers that turn the smoke into playful rings, and the sound-reactive silver electric guitar he placed on a huge piece of local granite.


To smoke

Le Fumoir” is dedicated to friends of the finest tobacco. A wide selection of top Cuban cigars, including some rare Cohibas, is complemented by selected cigars from Latin American regions. Here the connoisseur can indulge his passion undisturbed. In the daring ambience, we are happy to serve you well-ripened brandies and distilled fermentations to round off the pleasure. The meeting place for like-minded people who want to celebrate a hand-rolled cigar as an expression of lifestyle in peace and quiet.